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Accueil » Corrected drawings of the text from Lacan : « Le Sinthome », by Gérard Crovisier

Corrected drawings of the text from Lacan : « Le Sinthome », by Gérard Crovisier

About the drawings contained in the text : « Le Sinthome », (Séminaire XXIII by Jacques Lacan ) 1975-1976.

The drawings accompanying the text were recopied quickly by those which attended the seminar. The majority of them are erroneous. Gérard CROVISIER redrawn them all in a correct way.


I did not assist with the seminar “the SINTHOME”. I used three sources (Ornicar? , the version of « Association freudienne » and that of « Le Seuil »). I confronted the drawings and the text and corrected the errors.

The seminar “Le Sinthome” opens on four drawings of specific knots with five crossings, which Lacan did not comment on this day. They are four forms of the same node. He will baptize the second form “Node of Lacan”, the 17/02/76.

These four forms are presented by Taits in “On Knots”, in 1877. There is for each one, a laevogyrous presentation and a dextrogyrous presentation.

It appeared preferable to me to give the four forms of the same presentation, that is to say to reverse the crossings of the first drawing.

The knots of the seminar are arranged by date. The knots of the same meeting are classified successively as following the comment of Lacan

Gérard Crovisier



18.11.75-C 18.11.75-D
9.12.75-A 9.12.75-B
9.12.75-C 9.12.75-D
16.12.75-A 16.12.75-B
16.12.75-C 20.01.76-A
20.01.76-B 10.02.76-A
10.02.76-B 17.02.76-A
17.02.76-B 17.02.76-C
09.03.76-A 09.03.76-B
09.03.76-C 09.03.76-D
16.03.76 13.04.76

Gérard Crovisier