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Illiteracy and Globalisation

Two heavy pathologies proliferate nowadays in all Europe and in the whole world like a pandemia. All countries are concerned and also all the levels of the society. I mean autism and illiteracy. But no one seems to be surprised about it !

French specialized institutions are full up ! They are however very numerous. The number of parents who await since years a place in institution for their autistic, illiterate or psychotic child exceeds the understanding and yet nobody seems to be astonished or to be questioning about it.

For what concerns the illiterate people, in spite of the big number of associations that take lots of money from the budgets of the State, nothing serious is done to give them any assistance.

Most of the time, only the underprivileged and badly integrated people are taken into account. It is true that this population does not generally vote, but mostly, one will never speak about the illiteracy of a senior official, a senior staff or even of a journalist. And yet illiteracy, we said it, touches all the layers of the society. We can see it all the time !

So, when a French journalist of television speaks about the « Ministre de la défonce« , this is illiteracy ! (“Se défoncer” in French means “to take drugs« ). He is supposed to say: “le Ministre de la Défense”.

The sound is “en”, not “on” ! We have in French different sorts of syllables : ai, en, on, un, in.

Not to care of their own sound can be called illiteracy. Not to take this into account when one has a function of information or of public communication, is illiteracy and is a default of  responsibility  facing the respect for education of rising youth where illiteracy makes ravages.

But in France, the majority of the journalists who write an article (generally on a condescending tone) on “illettrisme” are unable to write the word with two « L » and two « T »…

They make articles only on statistics, which besides are always undervalued. This is also astonishing, but none of them ever evokes the fact that those who suffer from illiteracy are people, suffering human subjects.

On could be also astonished of the reasons which chair the use of warlike terminology to speak about illiteracy. You just need to type « illiteracy » in the address bar of your Internet navigator to be confronted with formulas like: Fight against illiteracy, eradication of illiteracy, suppression of illiteracy, to come to end from illiteracy, to fight illiteracy, to destroy illiteracy, etc…

Should not one hear under this way of writings: « to destroy”, « to suppress » illiterate people ?

Looks like Irakian war !

It is all the more astonishing as we claim that illiteracy generates intelligence. It seems the best appropriate answer to a traumatic misadventure of life: the obligation to adhere to a unic model of thinking.

In continuation of what precedes, one is then in right to put questions about the reason of this increase in the number of autists and illiterate people, and to wonder whether there is not a relationship with the discourse, the mode of thinking of the world which exist nowadays.

I speak about Universalization or Globalisation. This significant, this concept of Globalisation, on which the Nazis had recourse to find the solution of what they called “the Jewish problem”.

I want to speak about the total, the final solution. It is to be wondered whether the « globalisation » is not a direct and unconscious heritage of the Nazis !

“Globalisation” which carries out to the hatred of oneself and others in the way it refutes any idea of difference by imposing the model of the crossbreeding, i.e. a total refusal of the difference.

Then, if some ones with courage, prefer to take down of this terrorist model and stay somewhere else alone with their suffering, why not ?

This is what happened with illiterate people !

What can we say then, that will be other than statistics or disguised moralistic.

There is, behind the idea of globalisation, something that the great thinkers, the apparatchiks, great specialists of the State, have not seen, it is that through this idea of Totality, you find the totalitarism, and just after totalitarism you find those of Finality. Finality of all !

End of the world !

It is no necessity then, to be astonished if people and especially youth are obsessed by death and that Life is nowadays no more a value.

For the moment, the only concrete result of the concept of Globalisation is to have installed the globalisation of illiteracy and death wish.

An illiterate person is somebody which refuses to be private from the choice of its own mode of thinking, which refuses to be imposed the single model of the final solution !

He just wants to live!

So, while waiting for the things to be arranged, he stays in stand-by!

We should think on this !